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The Shamrock Ranch and Guest House

Escape to Beautiful Red Lodge, Montana


2 nights minimum.

This exclusive property is available by special request only and is not listed on our website.  If you are interested, please call 406-446-3603 or complete the Private Booking Request Form and we will be in touch.

Briane Kruckenberg


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The Shamrock Ranch & Guest House

An exclusive and private experience. This property offers all the amenities you could ever ask for!  

See Why Shamrock is So Special!


• Sleeps 6

• 2 bedrooms

• 1 bath

• 2 Queen Size beds, 1 single/double bunk bed

• Outdoor hot tub

• Internet


• Stereo

• Dishwasher/microwave

• Washer/dryer

• Mountain views/River Front

• Private Pond/Secluded

• Out of town

• Non-smoking

The Shamrock Ranch and Guest House has been home to many different people for a long long time. On the East Bench arrow heads have been found dating back to the Avonlea period (200 AD). One mallet head found while digging for the foundation appears to date back way before that. Some arrow heads have been found on the lower end of the East Bench that are believed to be from the Niitsitapi "Black Foot" Indians.

There is a very old rock foundation at the southern end of the property on the high end of the river flood plain that appears to predate any known white settlers, its age has not been determined yet.

The home site where you are standing while reading this is also part of Jeremiah Johnson's (John Johnson) homestead. Just off the driveway split at the front (south end) of the Cabin you can see the remnants of an old root cellar cut out in the hillside. 

After a good rain you never know what you might find!

A Letter From the Owners:

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Rate is $475.per night with a 2 night minimum. Guests can opt for CSA damage protection for $39, or they need to provide a $1000 security deposit which will be refunded as long as no damages occur during their stay.  

Winter guests, the pond will freeze but not around the trickle tube. Better check the ice thickness before you walk on it. Do not attempt to cross the river where you think the ice is thick enough to cross. It is more fragile and deceptive than you think! If you go in and under the Ice on the river its "game over"!! Your Gone!!

Summer guests please keep your wits about you! There are moose, bear and lion that also call this place home.If you want to go for a "walkabout" please wear a bell or other item to make a little noise so that you do not surprise the "locals"! Recommend you walk in a group of two or more if you want to walk in the trees. 

The river is much more powerful than you think! Enter at your own risk! Do not let children run around outside unattended. To the locals they look like "tater tots". 

Just use common sense and enjoy! 

Mark Patrick, Owner

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